Fraternity Recruitment

Becoming a member of Greek Life at Case begins with a process of mutual selection known as "Recruitment." Recruitment is a fun and exciting time. It presents an opportunity to meet approximately one-third of the undergraduate students, to make new friends, to eat a lot of good food, and to become a part of one of the strongest forces on our campus.

Fraternity brothersFraternity Recruitment is the first three weeks of each fall and spring semester. Through a wide variety of events, chapters will share the meaning of their brotherhood—all in an attempt to get to know the rushee and for the rushee to get to know them. During these three weeks, the rushee won't be able to learn everything about all the fraternities (that's what pledging is for). It is a relaxed setting for the rushee to meet as many chapters as possible and to ask whatever questions the rushee feels pertinent, such as finance, scholarship, activities, housing, and time commitment. Most importantly, the rushee should look for a chapter where he feels comfortable with the people; a chapter where he feels belonging and not necessarily where his friends choose. After all, interfraternity membership is cause for Greek community building and not alienation.

At the end of the recruitment period, fraternities will extend "bids," or invitations for membership to prospective members. While you may receive a number of bids, it is important to remember that students who choose to rush are under no obligation to join. You should choose the chapter where you belong, where you feel the most comfortable, and where all your collegiate needs can be met. Returning the bid to the chapter of your choice marks the beginning of your membership not only in that chapter, but also in the Greeks community here.