Tips, Reminders, and Common Questions for Recruits

Below are some tips, reminders, and common questions you should ask as you go through Recruitment:

  • What obligations does an initiated sister have?
  • What does the new member program consist of? How much time will it involve?
  • What are the financial obligations of a new member? Of an active?
  • What kind of scholastic program does the sorority have?
  • How is the sorority involved in the community? On campus?
  • How involved are the alumnae in chapter activities?
  • How large is the sorority nationally? Locally?
  • What kind of philanthropy does the sorority support?
Tips and Reminders:
  • Wear comfortable shoes; you will be doing quite a bit of walking.
  • If it looks like it might rain, bring an umbrella. Because of certain recruitment rules, chapters are not permitted to allow recruits to stay longer or enter the chapter locations earlier than the allotted time.
  • Bring either your recruitment booklet or a pad of paper and pen to jot down notes. Don't worry about remembering every name because your fellow recruits and the sorority members will wear name tags at every recruitment party.
  • If you become ill or some other problem arises and you cannot attend a party, CONTACT YOUR RECRUITMENT COUNSELOR IMMEDIATELY.
  • Most importantly, relax, have fun, and be yourself.