Potential New Member Responsibilities

  1. You must attend orientation and all parties to which you have invitations.
  2. You shall attend parties according to the Panhellenic party schedule.
  3. Name tags shall be provided to you by the Panhellenic Council.
  4. You shall consult your Recruitment Counselor before withdrawing from Recruitment.
  5. From the beginning of Formal Recruitment through the end of Formal Recruitment, you may not visit a sorority chapter or member except to attend planned recruitment parties.
  6. You shall meet with your Recruitment Counselor in Thwing before each party at a time designated by your Recruitment Counselor, and shall walk to the party as a group.
  7. No sorority member may buy anything for you, and you may not buy anything for a sorority member during Formal Recruitment.
  8. You shall fill out the preferential bid card immediately following the last preference party you attend. Once a preference card has been submitted, no changes may be made.
  9. You shall not give a promise, either verbal or written, to join a certain sorority before formal bids are extended through the Panhellenic Council.
  10. Signing a preference card and receiving a bid at the end of Formal Recruitment shall bound you by the agreement for one calendar year.
  11. You shall pick your invitations and bids up at designated places and times.
  12. STRICT SILENCE is the period in which there will be no conversation or contact between you and sorority members. This includes all references to sororities, verbal, written, typed or printed. Strict Silence is the period from the end of your last preference party until you report to the sorority from which you accept a bid.