Questions to Ask at an Interview

Alumni, if you have experience in your field and are interviewing for a new position, the following are great examples of questions to ask the interviewer.

Questions for HR Professionals:
  1. How do you describe the philosophy of the organization?
  2. How would you describe the work environment?
  3. Can you tell me about the people with whom I'll be working most closely?
  4. If I were hired for the position, what would be my priorities during the first 6-12 months?
  5. I have enjoyed the opportunity to interview with you and your team and I am interested in this opportunity. I feel my skills and experience would be a good match for this position. What is the next step in the interview process?
Questions for Hiring Managers:
  1. What are the organization's three most important goals?
  2. What are the department's goals and how do they align with the company's mission?
  3. Can you explain the company's organizational structure?
  4. What are the major concerns that need to be immediately addressed in this position?
  5. What is currently the most pressing business issue or challenge for the company/department?
  6. What is the company's policy on attending professional development activities such as seminars and workshops?
Questions About the Hiring Manager's Management Style:
  1. How would you describe your own management style and the type of employee who works well with you?
  2. What are the most important traits you look for in a direct report?
Questions About General Business Objectives:
  1. What are the organization's primary financial objectives and performance measures?
  2. What metrics are used to monitor the planning process as well as the results?
  3. What kinds of strategic planning systems, if any, are in place?
  4. Is the company more of an early adapter of technology, a first mover, or content to first let other companies work the bugs out and then implement a more mature version of the technology?
  5. How does this position contribute to the company's goals, productivity, or profits?
Questions for Private Companies:
  1. How is the company funded? Who are the investors?
  2. How are corporate decisions made?
  3. Has the company considered filing for an IPO (initial public offering)?
  4. Has the company been approached for a merger or acquisition?
Questions about Information Technology:
  1. Do developers have little contact with the business unit or significant contact?
  2. What are the biggest technical challenges ahead for this department/company?