Submitting Letters of Recommendation

Interfolio's credential service not only benefits students and alumni, but faculty and staff, too. It helps ease the burden of faculty/staff entrusted with composing letters of recommendation.

Faculty and other letter writers may establish a free writer's account at Interfolio, which enables direct uploading of documents. Letter writers can personally verify the authenticity of documents they upload electronically through their own accounts. Additional benefits include:

Quick and Easy Uploads

Letter writers can upload their documents electronically into Interfolio's safe and secure system, or mail letters directly to Interfolio. Electronically uploading a file to the system is the fastest and safest way to submit a document on behalf of your students. It is immediately available for the student to use in the application process. This saves time and limits anxiety as deadlines approach!

Access to Uploaded Letters

Staff and faculty members will never again have to rummage through papers to retrieve an old letter of recommendation. An Interfolio writer's account enables you to have access to all documents you have uploaded into our system. Original documents may be easily retrieved so that you can edit and update them.

Safety and Reliability

As a security precaution, Interfolio does not receive documents via e-mail, nor do we allow unknown individuals to directly upload documents. Every letter is manually reviewed upon receipt and again prior to delivery to ensure accuracy and legitimacy. By requiring you to set up a writer's account before sending us a document electronically, we can verify your identity, thereby reducing the fraudulent submission of letters of recommendation.

Interfolio is FERPA-compliant and uses multiple layers of technological security to ensure that confidential documents stay that way. Students cannot read closed or confidential letters. Robust technological safeguards, including SSL encryption, keep stored documents secure, and private. Digital backups are stored at a secure, off-site location to further protect important documents.


Though the benefits of a writer's account are numerous, it is an optional service. With a writer's account, you can electronically upload documents to Interfolio's safe and secure system. If you choose not to create a writer's account, you can still mail or fax letters to Interfolio.

To create a writers account, it takes just a few minutes so users can begin managing written documents online immediately.

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