Guide for Students

What should I do if I'm accused of cheating?

If a faculty member approaches you because he or she suspects you of a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy, the first step is to try to understand what raised his or her suspicions and explain what actually happened.

  1. If the faculty member agrees that you were not responsible for the violation, the incident will be dropped.
  2. If you are not responsible, but the faculty member still believes that you are, the case will be referred to the Academic Integrity Board.
  3. If you admit that you are responsible for the violation, then you and the faculty member will sign a form explaining the violation. If this is your first violation, the faculty member can sanction the violation. If you have previous violations, or the faculty member prefers to refer your case, then it will go before the Academic Integrity Board.
Who adjudicates cases?

The faculty member can adjudicate and sanction the violation if:

  1. You admit responsibility for the violation.
  2. The violation is your first violation.
  3. You accept the faculty member's sanction.

If any of the conditions are not met, the case must be heard by the Academic Integrity Board.

What sanctions can the faculty member impose if he or she adjudicates the case?

The possible sanctions range from a minimum of failure in the work to a maximum of failure in the course. More severe sanctions can only be administered by the Academic Integrity Board.

In addition to whatever sanctions the faculty member imposes, you will participate in an ethics tutorial administered through the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

What happens when the Board hears a case?

Once a case is referred to the Board, evidence in the case will be gathered by the judicial officer for the Board and a hearing will be held. A panel of three students, two faculty members, and two non-voting administrators will consider the incident and discuss it with you and the faculty member involved.

After the panel has heard the case, they will deliberate and come to a conclusion as to whether or not you are responsible for a violation. They also will decide on an appropriate sanction. You and the faculty member will then be informed of the decision of the Board.