Greek Life



What does citizenship mean to those who participate in Greek Life?

We strive to create a unique identity in order to build a community. We advance philanthropy and volunteer service to build awareness and become involved in important human issues. Our greatest strength resides in knowing civic engagement will help Greeks articulate and implement their visions and actions resulting in personal growth and community development. We acknowledge and embrace our partnerships with other publics which leads to positive community change.

Lambda Eta Mu

Lambda Eta Mu (ΛΗΜ) is a Greek Service Honor Society founded by the members of Case's Greek Community. We recognize those in our Greek community who give their time selflessly to benefit others. Lambda Eta Mu aspires to enhance the quality of service and philanthropy to others. We believe that those who possess a giving spirit can create a better world through their work and dedication to the greater human community. With great humility, our members will make a difference to humanity by lending a hand to those in need, and in doing so, will better themselves.

You can fill out the application here and and one recommendation here, or contact Christina Shen at for more information.