Alternative Break Drivers

CCEL vans

Alternative Break drivers support the Alternative Break programs by driving other student participants to program destinations in the CCEL mini vans throughout the duration of the trip. Additional details about the role and responsibilities of drivers is included below.

Students eligible and willing to accept this role will receive a $30 discount on the trip fee (for weekend immersions) or $50 discount on the trip fee (for Alternative Spring Breaks to Michigan or Columbus - not available for Cumberland Island).

Please indicate if you are interested in assisting with driving on the participant application for your specific break, and CCEL staff will contact you with more information.

Driver Eligibility

In order to be a Alternative Break driver, you must meet the criteria outlined below. If you have any questions about your eligibility or the criteria, please contact Adrian Griffin.

  • Be a currently enrolled CWRU student, staff, or faculty member.
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have a current, valid U.S. driver's license issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (or equivalent department).
  • Have held a valid U.S. driver's license for at least two years (as of the first day of the Alternative Break program that you are driving for).
  • Have no more than two moving violations (minor misdemeanors) issued within the three most recent years of your first time driving for the Alternative Break program.
  • Have no criminal convictions related to traffic offenses issued within the five most recent years of your first time driving for the Alternative Break program.
  • Have completed the CWRU Driver Safety Training conducted by the CWRU Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHS) and the CCEL Van Certification Process, as described on CCEL's website. If you have not completed this yet, CCEL can assist you in arranging to do so.
  • Have driven the CCEL van at least once, including time on the highway, in order to increase your familiarity with the vehicle prior to the trip's departure. CCEL will coordinate with your schedule to make the van available in order to fulfill this requirement.
Driver Responsibilities

Alternative Break drivers are responsible for safely driving one of the CCEL minivans throughout the duration of the trip. This will include driving a traditionally sized minivan with up to six passengers to and from campus to the program destination. For most Alternative Break destinations, this is a 2-3 hour drive to/from campus which includes highway driving. Drivers will not be expected or allowed to drive more than 3 hours without taking a break.

Throughout the program, drivers will also be driving the minivan to various locations including community partner sites, restaurants, entertainment venues, and the program lodging facilities. Each Alternative Break is accompanied by a staff learning partner, who will have destination locations/directions. Alternative Break drivers should also be prepared to drive in weather conditions typical of the time of year during which the break takes place.