Student Affairs Departments

The departments of the Division of Student Affairs meet the academic and co-curricular needs of CWRU students and the university. The office provides leadership in the development of services and programs that enrich student life, extend and enhance the academic experience, and contribute to an environment that encourages personal growth and development.

Office of Student Affairs

110 Adelbert Hall
Phone: 216.368.2020

Dean of Students

110 Adelbert Hall
Phone: 216.368.1527

Center for Civic Engagement and Learning

165 Tinkham Veale University Center
Phone: 216.368.6960

Flora Stone Mather Center for Women

248 Tinkham Veale University Center
Phone: 216.368.0985

Graduate Student Life

217 Tomlinson Hall
Phone: 216.368.4802

Greek Life

250 Tinkham Veale University Center
Phone: 216.368.3954

LGBT Center

179 Tinkham Veale University Center
Phone: 216.368.LGBT

Multicultural Affairs

450 Sears Building
Phone: 216.368.2904

Physical Education and Athletics

Veale Center
Phone: 216.368.2420

Residence Life

108 Thwing Center
Phone: 216.368.6325

School-Based Outreach (FOCUS Group)

23 Yost Hall
Phone: 216.368.1462

Student Activities and Leadership

148 Tinkham Veale Center
Phone: 216.368.2679

Thwing Center

Thwing Center
Phone: 216.368.2660

Title IX

318 Thwing Center
Phone: 216.368.4047

TRIO Programs (FOCUS Group)

174 Yost Hall
Phone: 216.368.3750

University Health + Counseling Services

Health Services
2145 Adelbert Road
Phone: 216.368.2450

Counseling Services
220 Sears Building
Phone: 216.368.5872

Disability Resources
402 Sears Building
Phone: 216.368.5230