Reporting and Response

Methods of Reporting
  • Single, consistent form used for all methods of reporting
    • Phone
      • Student Affairs Office at 216.368.1527
    • Online
    • In-Person at 110 Adelbert Hall
  • Directed to Dean of Students
BRS Response
  • Upon receipt of report, the dean will determine necessary processes for follow up which may include contacting the BRT and assigning follow up procedures or contacting university partners to disseminate information
  • Members of BRS will be assigned for individual follow up (as needed)
    • Responsible for conducting the student meeting and maintaining all necessary documentation
  • Reporters will be directed to CWRU police or Student Health if incident requires immediate attention.

In some cases, where individuals are identified and violations of state or federal law may have occured the BRS may have to report those incidents to other agencies. A reporter can always contact the BRS for more information on this process. The BRS will take all steps possible to ensure the confidentiality of reporters and other involved parties. However, the BRS cannot guarantee complete confidentiality of all parties ina ll incidents.