Reporting Information

Report Classification

Reporters will select either:
"Report" or "For Direct Action and Support"


"I want to report my concern but wish it to remain confidential with no direct action to be taken. I understand that by bringing this matter to the attention of the Bias Reporting System that the University will look into the matter and will respond accordingly, given the information provided."

  • Incorporated into the semester and annual reports
  • May require inquiries with appropriate offices on campus
  • No follow up with reporter after receipt of report

The responsibility of the BRS is to weigh requests for confidentiality against the need to investigate and protect the university community. The BRS will attempt to keep complaints private to the extent possible and consistent with legal requirements and/or the university's requirement to investigate allegations and take appropriate action.

"For Direct Action/ Support"

"I am looking for support for my concern and would like to be contacted to set up an informal conversation about what happened."

  • Follow up meeting with reporter to discuss next steps
  • Appropriate referrals made to resources for ongoing supprot
  • May require inquiries with appropriate offices on campus
  • All reporters will receive final summary letter from the Dean of Students.
  • Incorporated into semester and annual reports