Many people have volunteered their time in developing learning outcomes and an initial assessment plan for the Division of Student Affairs. Their insight about the division, experience, and expertise in each of their own areas has been incredibly valuable. Without them, it would have been challenging, if not impossible, to ensure that the learning outcomes truly reflect the multi-faceted and interconnected nature of the Student Affairs programs and services. We are grateful for their engagement throughout the process and their genuine feedback. We would like to extend our appreciation to these individuals for their hard work and continued commitment:

  • Aaron Baker, Residence Life/Undergraduate Studies
  • Alison Martin-Scoufield, Title IX
  • Betsy Banks, Center for Civic Engagement and Learning
  • Carol Tysh, Student Affairs Operations - Administration
  • Elisaida Mendez, University Health and Counseling Services
  • Janice Gerda, Residence Life
  • Jennifer Brown, Student Activities and Leadership
  • Johanna Smith, Student Affairs Assessment
  • Joshua Terchek, Institutional Research
  • Justin Beckman, Office of Student Affairs
  • Kristin Conway, Physical Education and Athletics
  • Mark Starr, Greek Life
  • Matthew Knickman, Student Activities and Leadership
  • Rachel Johnson, Student Affairs Marketing
  • Randy Blackford, Multicultural Affairs
  • Robin Hedges, University Career Center
  • Stephen Toth, Thwing Center
  • Susan Perry, University Outcome Assessment
  • William Oldham, Student Affairs Operations

We would also like to thank the Student Affairs Executive Team for their guidance, encouragement, and thoughtful feedback:

  • Louis Stark, Vice President, Division of Student Affairs
  • Amy Backus, Athletic Director and Chair of Physical Education
  • Darnell Parker, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs, Title IX
  • G. Dean Patterson, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students
  • Shirley Mosley, Associate Dean of Students and Special Assistant to the Vice President
  • Sue Nickel-Schindewolf, Associate Vice President, Student Engagement and Learning
  • Thomas Matthews, Executive Director, University Career Center


Dennis Rupert, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs Operations and Planning

Amanda Thomas, Director of Student Affairs Assessment