The creation of this strategic plan has involved a vast array of input and feedback from our partners and we would like to thank them all for their contributions.


In particular we would like to thank the members of the division's Professional Development Committee for the facilitation of divisional staff and student feedback sessions. Their meetings and consolidation of feedback played a major role in the identification of the strategic goals for the next three years.

We would also like to like to thank representatives from the Graduate Student Council, Student President's Roundtable, Undergraduate Diversity Collaborative, Undergraduate Student Government and all of the individual students who provided insightful feedback for the process.

In addition, our thanks go out to all of our departmental and faculty partners who daily support the success of our students and look for ways to improve their experience.

Finally, this plan would not be possible without the many additional hours of discussions at the departmental level within the division of student affairs and the ongoing provision and evaluation of the strategies and action steps which make up the core of this plan. Those departments are:

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