Goals + Outcomes

The plan is organized by division-wide strategic goals and outcomes, and departmental strategies and action steps. All strategies and action steps will align within one of the strategic goals: unity, wellness and preparedness. Each strategic goal also has four associated outcomes:


To create and foster a sense of greater unity among the members of the CWRU community.

Belonging and Pride

Our students and staff will feel a collective CWRU identity that honors individuality and fosters a sense of belonging and pride.


Communications will be clear, accessible and multifaceted resulting in a well-informed community.

Community Engagement

Student affairs staff and students will engage in a supportive community in ways which transcend typical experiences.


Our staff will develop and implement programs, services, policies and practices which welcome and fully include diverse people and perspectives.


To support, value and actively champion well-being in mind, body and spirit.

Mind, Body and Spirit

The student experience will promote knowledge, beliefs and behaviors conducive to a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Healthy Relationships

Students will develop healthy relationships that contribute to an increase in resiliency, mutual respect and shared responsibility.

Life Balance

Our community members will practice
a healthy integration of work, academic and social life.

Safety and Security

As a community, we will maintain an awareness of and commitment to personal safety and security.


To help students achieve a state of preparedness for life and career after college.


Student affairs will cultivate our external partners' awareness of our students' characteristics as intelligent, resourceful leaders.


Students will find mentors, whether they are other students, faculty, staff, community members or alumni.

Life and Career Readiness

Students will develop confidence in their abilities, marketable experience and understanding of the world that awaits them after graduation.

Problem Solving

Students will attain the skills necessary to solve personal and interpersonal problems so that they may succeed and remain resilient throughout life.

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