To create and foster a sense of greater unity among the members of the CWRU community.

Unity Outcome 1  Belonging and Pride

Our students and staff will feel a collective CWRU identity that honors individuality and fosters a sense of belonging and pride.

  1. Develop initiatives that promote student knowledge of and pride for Cleveland.
  2. Expand into a vibrant and heavily utilized Multicultural Center that is larger, multifaceted and multifunctional.
  3. Build residential communities based on students' sense of belonging.
  4. Continue to involve more graduate students/schools in Graduate Student Appreciation Week.
  5. Revamp the entire mascot program.
  6. Develop key brand distinctions that can be applied across the division for a unified presence.
  7. Foster CWRU spirit throughout campus.
  8. Restructure the IFC and Panhellenic boards.
  9. Create Fan Ambassador positions within department to assist with promotions on peer level.
  10. Focus on staff development both individually and as a group because strong staff teams are the foundations for a strong community.
  11. Create listening campaigns.
  12. Use best practices in business services and programs that maximize the strategic productivity of students' financial, physical and technological resources.
  13. Increase training opportunities and support others in training initiatives.

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Unity Outcome 2  Communication

Communications will be clear, accessible and multifaceted resulting in a well-informed community.

  1. Pursue a more integrated model of academic advising and career education via the creation of a Student Success Center.
  2. Enhance collaboration with graduate and professional schools in the development and delivery of student support services.
  3. Tell the residential story to internal and external stakeholders.
  4. Organize, clarify and improve use of our student engagement platform during transition from OrgSync to a new platform.
  5. Utilize inbound marketing techniques to drive traffic to the divisional website, promote student engagement and share the story of student affairs at CWRU.
  6. Commit to student success by connecting students to university resources and meeting with students to assure they are well prepared to be successful contributors in their personal and professional lives.
  7. Increase communication and resources regarding the student conduct process.
  8. Leverage existing resources and tools to create cohesive communication within the division and student population.
  9. Intentionally market and communicate to CWRU, target schools and surrounding communities about the services and successes of outreach programs.

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Unity Outcome 3  Community Engagement

Student affairs staff and students will engage in a supportive community in ways which transcend typical experiences.

  1. Enhance the learning opportunities available for students to deepen their understanding of community issues as well as ways to engage responsibly and ethically in their community.
  2. Implement the "Your New Ideas Program."
  3. Transition from Greek Week to the yearlong Spartan Cup.
  4. Create and deploy improved financial solutions which empower and assist staff to make financially sound programmatic decisions.
  5. Enhance the celebration of diverse cultures, both domestic and international through campus-wide programming.
  6. Pilot a first-year cohort model for new employees.
  7. Develop opportunities for faculty, staff and students to connect through civic engagement to strengthen a sense of campus community.
  8. Provide more community on campus by expanding exposure to and opportunities for CWRU students to serve with Outreach Programs.
  9. Implement community youth programs designed from departmental collaborations between all youth programs.
  10. Help community youth program participants recognize the importance of local, national and international civic responsibility.
  11. Create and enhance community youth summer residential programs and collaborate with various CWRU agencies and stakeholders to bring diversity and increase unity in youth from different areas of Cleveland and beyond.

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Unity Outcome 4  Inclusion

Our staff will develop and implement programs, services, policies and practices which welcome and fully include diverse people and perspectives.

  1. Support University-wide efforts promoting diversity/inclusion to the campus community.
  2. Host cultural night, philanthropic and community service promotions through athletic events.
  3. Expand and enhance Diversity 360 as a comprehensive educational experience for students delivered by campus partners (faculty, staff and students) which includes original training module, lunch and learn sessions, speaker series and ongoing facilitator training.
  4. Engage community members as active citizens through formal and informal leadership opportunities.
  5. Unify campus spirit in Thwing Center facility usage, programming and improvements.
  6. Develop a resource center concept through the website and PDF documents to streamline policies and cater to a variety of learning styles.
  7. Develop a staff orientation curriculum with a tiered approach tied to position and role.
  8. Develop annual programs on sexual misconduct prevention with a focus on international students' perceptions and experiences.
  9. Create informational brochures around Title IX topics and gender-based violence prevention that incorporate diverse perspectives and groups.
  10. Develop a diversity and inclusion strategic plan for Greek Life.
  11. Offer services, courses and seminars to improve language skills and reach more students based on their needs and interests, and further connect international students to the campus and wider community.
  12. Develop additional campus partnerships to explore collaborative efforts in Thwing Center.
  13. Operationalize recruitment practices which create a diverse and inclusive workplace.
  14. Engage staff, administrators, funders, government and social service agencies to experience various facets of the student affairs outreach programs.
  15. Encourage more of a campus presence in the community by increasing interactions between student affairs outreach programs, participants, area neighborhoods and community agencies.
  16. Expand, develop and collaborate with various CWRU, social service agencies, and stakeholder programs to bring more diversity to the student affairs outreach programs.

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