To support, value and actively champion well-being in mind, body and spirit.

Wellness Outcome 1  Mind, Body and Spirit

The student experience will promote knowledge, beliefs and behaviors conducive to a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

  1. Create a Wellness arm of University Health and Counseling Services that fosters a culture of well-being across the university.
  2. Improve access to health and counseling clinical services to support student wellness by reaching more of the student population.
  3. Create a holistic wellness program for the 3 year in Multicultural Affairs.
  4. Improve the educational and emotional experience of students who engage in the services of the Student Conduct Office.
  5. Continue to pursue professional excellence and become nationally recognized for leadership in college health.
  6. Implement a social norming campaign to combat gender-based violence and discrimination on campus.
  7. Students using ESS services will reflect and report how the executivefunctioning group experience assisted with their development of a healthy mind, body and spirit at the end of each five-week rotation.
  8. Provide additional resources and access to mental health consulting for Greek Life students.
  9. Diversify the physical education curriculum with expanded options to include resiliency, stress management, nutrition, lifestyle modifications and lifetime activities.
  10. Provide wellness collaboration among all student affairs departments.
  11. NYSP program participants will exhibit an increased understanding of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  12. Increase community youth outreach wellness initiatives.

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Wellness Outcome 2  Healthy Relationships

Students will develop healthy relationships that contribute to an increase in resiliency, mutual respect and shared responsibility.

  1. Student attendees in ESS will reflect and report how the social group experience assisted with their development of healthy relationships at the end of each semester.
  2. Develop programs on establishing healthy relationships for undergraduate and graduate students through the Title IX Office.

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Wellness Outcome 3  Life Balance

Our community members will practice a healthy integration of work, academic and social life.

  1. Partner with student affairs and other related departments to promote healthy life choices, mitigate stress and uncertainty, and increase (focus on) wellness in the career development process.
  2. Develop individual professional staff wellness plans in Multicultural Affairs.
  3. Initiate a Wellness Wednesdays program in Physical Education and Athletics.
  4. Perform a division benchmarking study to compare our division to our peer institutions to determine areas of strengths and potential gaps.
  5. Create the essential teaching of work-life balance in our student organizational advising and the SAL leadership curriculum.
  6. Develop a new proposal for club sports fundraising campaigns.
  7. Youth community program participants will learn about healthy relationships and how to apply it to daily living by participating in workshops and activities.

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Wellness Outcome 4  Safety and Security

As a community, we will maintain an awareness of and commitment to personal safety and security.

  1. Strengthen and streamline risk management protocols in CCEL.
  2. Enhance the outreach to student organizations on the importance of developing risk management plans for events.
  3. Improve lines of communication and information from the Student Conduct Office.
  4. Implement the Bystander curriculum for staff.
  5. Convene a Safety and Wellness Strategic Planning Group for Greek Life.
  6. Explore creating a peer risk management training initiative in order to advance the outreach to student organizations and to offer additional skills to our students.
  7. Implement student training on safety and security within Thwing Center to keep our students, faculty, staff and campus community safe and protected.
  8. Implement GreenDot Bystander Intervention training to eliminate power-based violence and aggressions on campus.

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