The programs and services offered by departments within in the Division of Student Affairs provide opportunities for students to bring their college experience to life outside the classroom, and to make important connections with what they're learning inside the classroom. Our students are intelligent, engaging and destined to change the world. Engaging Our Students for Success is our roadmap to help our students get the most out of those experiences.

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In the fall of 2014, the Division of Student Affairs created its first three-year strategic plan in more than twenty years. The momentum for this was driven by the arrival of our current Vice President for Student Affairs, Louis W. Stark, who began in July 2013. The structure of that planning process resulted in individual departmental plans, but the overall emphasis was on seven broad divisionwide goals in need of immediate action.

After successful attention to these goals leading up to spring 2016, a new year-long process launched in the summer of 2016. Many conversations resulted in feedback and direction from students, staff, faculty and community partners. The objectives of this process were fourfold:

  1. Move forward where the previous plan left off
  2. Establish a structured response to students' needs
  3. Assure divisional and departmental initiatives align
  4. Continue to measure the plan over time

Many of the articulated trends of the previous plan are still present, which is apparent in the formulation of the overarching goals. These trends include:

  • An increase in undergraduate enrollment resulting in increased funding needs for programmatic student support services.
  • A focus on student engagement and retention.
  • A need for greater sensitivity and training for appropriate service provision throughout the university to varied student populations.
  • An increased demand for student services and programs.
  • An increase in human capital to effectively recruit for and support demand for services.
  • Competing needs of classroom versus meeting room and recreational spaces for students.
  • Increased graduate and professional student service demands being experienced by all departments in Student Affairs.
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The plan has been forged by deep conversations regarding what matters to our community members. It is a three-year action-oriented plan which will be measured annually and refined over time to continue to assure the success of CWRU students.

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