The Process

The strategic planning process is as important as the final plan itself. Our new plan differs from the last in that we have intentionally created division-wide goals and outcomes which will be met by departmental strategies and action steps.

Desired results of the planning process
  • Engage a broad base of constituents to include students, faculty, staff, community members and parents to determine priorities.
  • Create a comprehensive plan to inform our constituents on how we plan to facilitate student success at CWRU.
  • Utilize a bottom-to-top approach, which articulates departmental strategies and action steps connected to divisional goals and outcomes.
  • Formulate a plan informed by data with the ability to be tracked.
  • Use the results of that activity to continuously update the ongoing planning process and inform programmatic, policy and financial decision-making.
May 2016
Defining Our Core Values

At the May 2016 student affairs retreat, the division started talking about what mattered to us as an organization and how that would help us form the next plan. What began as a conversation about organizational health eventually led us to the definition of our core values. Although our core values were not finalized until after the strategic goals were determined, it is clear how our values and goals are closely connected.

Summer 2016
Student Discussions

Members of the Professional Development Committee went on to coordinate staff discussion forums during the summer of 2016 and student discussion groups in the fall. Simultaneously, we were reporting on our progress on the previous plan and the two processes moved along seamlessly.

Winter 2016
Articulating Strategic Goals

While the discussions covered a wide range of topics, analysis of the feedback coalesced into three major themes proposed by the PDC: unity, wellness and preparedness. While these may be broad categories, nearly every piece of essential feedback from these discussions fit under one or more category, allowing us to concisely summarize our strategic priorities.

Spring 2017
Building Our Strategy

Identification of outcomes within each of our goals was addressed next. The final phase of planning was at the department level with the articulation of a situation analysis, strategies and action steps. While this plan only lists the strategies within each outcome, departments also articulated the action steps they will take to successfully complete each strategy. Departments also indicated benchmarks, targets and metrics so that an ongoing evaluation of the plan's success can be assessed and reported.

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