Windmill System

farm pondIn the fall of 2006, a windmill was installed at the farm as an aeration system for the fishing pond located in the woods. This farm pond is characterized by its high buildup of algae material during the summer months. This overgrown algae is caused by excess nutrients in the water due to rotting leaves and vegetation surrounding the pond.

The aeration system would add air to the water in order to replenish its oxygen levels. The more air pumped into the water, the better the circulation, thus reducing chances of bacteria buildup and stratification. The oxygen that is pumped into the water is extremely effective in breaking down organic matter and sludge.

The diffuse aeration system pumps air into the water through air diffusers that lie at the bottom of the pond. This achieves total pond aeration from the bottom to the top regardless of the depth of the water.

It is expected that this aeration system will help to prevent algae and weed growth, prevent water discoloration, eliminate thermal stratification, improve water clarity, eliminate fish kills, and promote healthy aquatic life from a renewable energy source.