Sustainability at Case
Planting at the farm

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Food For Our Campus Dining

In October 2009, the Case Western Reserve University Farm administration, Bon Appétit, and SAGES faculty met to discuss a new initiative called The Farm Food Program. The purpose is to grow food at the University Farm to supply locally grown and fresh vegetables to the campus dining rooms.

The goals of this initiative are to provide new educational opportunities to faculty and students to study local food production in a sustainable way using mostly organic methods and deliver fresh food and herbs to the campus.

See What Students Have to Say ...

"The program has done fantastically in its first year, and I look forward to being part of it for my senior Capstone project. I think it's important for students to learn more about how food production occurs and how sustainable production will be a big issue in coming years. And I think the Farm Food Program can provide that education and opportunities for research.

"Personally, I enjoy feeling productive, because the work done at the farm provides tangible (and edible!) results. Working outside, producing nutritious food and still performing scientific research is a wonderful mix that the program offers me. I also enjoy being a part of a growing program, knowing that the work I do now can have a lasting impact because the program has so much room to grow and has plenty of room for new ideas and initiatives. I think everybody should spend at least one day out at the farm working with the Farm Food Program because it's an experience you can't get anywhere else at CWRU."

—Eric Hamilton, CWRU student and Student Sustainability Council member