Berry Garden

Berry production at the farm is an exciting and recent development. In December 2011 we started with 26 black currant plants, including 6 different varieties. By December 2012, that number has increased to include 3 species of blueberries, comprised of 7 varieties, for a total of 48 plants. The Berry Garden is situated southeast of the Green Barn in an enclosure netted in on all sides, including the top to keep out the birds. blueberry

In the summer of 2012, the plants produced almost 15 pounds of berries: 3 pounds of currants and 12 pounds of blueberries. Berry plants do not produce with the rapid return of vegetables, which can be planted from seed and produce high yields all within just a few months. Berries are a long-term investment and therefore we expect to see an increase in production over the years as they continue to take root and to grow. blueberry

In Fall 2012 more plants were added to the garden for a total of 71 plants. It is expected that the production of berries will be greatly enhance with the installation of 5 beehives in an area near by.

berry garden