Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

csa bag

What Is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Community members purchase shares in a farm and in turn, receive a weekly bag of farm-fresh produce. The goal is to offer variety, and to give the shareholders the opportunity to work with a wide array of different vegetables throughout the season.

The basic premise of a CSA is that a community comes together to support a local farm, assuming alongside the farmer the inherent risk of growing food, but also the potential for great success! Therefore, when the farmer has a successful year, it is the shareholder who reaps the rewards in the form of abundant, fresh, local produce.

Supporting your local farm is also a way to help reduce packaging and shipping costs, with the added benefit that your produce will be fresher, last longer, and taste better. But you'll only be getting what is in season and being grown by us - so no tomatoes in May.

The advantages of joining a CSA are many: you get fresh-picked local produce, you know the people growing your food, the produce is chemical-free, you reduce packaging and transport of your food, and you are supporting your local farmer and community.

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