Grape Vineyards

grapesUniversity Farm has history not only in its buildings but also in its plants and gardens. The Concord Grape vines are over 100 years old and they are still producing! During the fall Farmers Market of 2012, the Farm was able to sell grapes for several weeks, a total of almost 19 pounds.grapes 1910

However, being as old as they are, they have fallen into somewhat disrepair. They are currently undergoing a serious rehabbing, involving clearing out the underbrush, laying down a weed barrier, taking cuttings from the old vines to propagate new ones, rebuilding the trellis and training the vines to grow tall and strong. It is a process that will take several years before big production levels will change, but the hope is that, through proper pruning and upkeep, and proper training, the Farm Food Program will have a fully up and running vineyard that will produce for years to come.

There is also a rehab process simultaneously occurring on the Lower Farm, involving the rebuilding of the grape arbor, and the planting and training of several different seedless grape varieties. grapes expansion