Bon Appetit's "BBQ's On The Quad"; Your Opportunity To Buy Food From The Farm

Market Price List 2012

Exciting news! Remember last summer's tasty barbecues on the quad? Well, they're back and CWRU Farm is happy to announce that we will be there too! We'll be offering a seasonally vast selection of organically grown food straight from the Farm for you to purchase.

What could be better than Bon Appetit's mouth watering menu (we spotted items like Grilled Vegetable Paninis, Herb Linguine, Grilled Herb Chicken Skewers, and, of course, All-Beef Hamburgers on the menu -- yum!), live music, and fresh, locally grown produce direct from your Farm? Come see us every Wednesday, June 6th through August 1st, from 11:30am to 1:30pm.

See the image to the right for a list of our potential offerings and their corresponding prices.

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