November Family Gifts to the Cleveland Area Community

Mort and Iris NovemberIn honor of his daughter, Debra Ann, Mort November and his family donated several gifts to assist with the development of educational programs and facilities in the Cleveland area. These gifts come from the Phyllis and Debra Ann November Children's Fund.

The November family gifts include the Debra Ann November Research Greenhouse at Case Western Reserve University Farm, the Debra Ann November Learning Center at the East Cleveland Public Library, the November Lodge at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and the Jack and Leah November Pavilion and Garden at the new home of the Center for Families and Children.

In 2005, the Center for Families and Children nominated Mort November [PDF, 12KB] for the Outstanding Philanthropist Award. The Association of Fundraising Professionals, Greater Cleveland Chapter, recognized Mort November during its 2005 National Philanthropy Day awards ceremony.

The beauty, sweetness and delicacy of her heart and mind would take a hundred lifetimes to find. She walked in a glow of trust and caring so bright that could not be described in poems a thousand fold. Her heart held so much love for everyone that it equaled the brilliance of the sun. To describe the loveliness of her would take a millennium of time to unfold. Yes, our dearly beloved daughter. You will always be in our heart and minds for all to see.

Debra Ann's mother, Phyllis November (1927-1979)
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