Employment Opportunities

Fall 2018

For Fall and Spring Customer Service Assistant (CSA) positions, please contact the Department Assistant managing the Residential Area Office in the area of campus where you wish to seek a CSA position. for the North Residential Area Office, in Wade Commons, please contact Michal Colie, at michal.colie@case.edu, and for the South Residential Village, in Fribley Commons, please contact Alex Pitts, at alexandria.pitts@case.edu.


The Office of University Housing provides summer employment opportunities open to undergraduate students who are enrolled full-time at Case Western Reserve University. Applications for Summer 2019 are available now. Contact David Brown, Assistant Director of Housing, at david.m.brown@case.edu if you have questions.

Customer Service Assistant (summer)

Customer Service Assistants (CSAs) work together to provide a positive experience for our summer residential guests. The CSAs have two primary roles. They prepare the residence hall rooms for guests and provide a front desk operation similar to what you might find in a hotel. For each summer, we hire a staff of 12 CSAs for the customer service team. The selection process occurs during the spring semester.

Student Administrative Assistant

Student Administrative Assistants (SAAs) work with the central office of University Housing on a wide variety of administrative tasks, including general labor, office work, errands, facility assessments, and others. SAAs work closely with the Director of the Department or with the Greek Housing Property Manager. We plan to hire 2-4 SAAs for the summer period.

Student Facility Assistant

Student Facility Assistants (SFAs) gain excellent experience in the management and upkeep of our residential facilities. Hands-on training and a wide variety of tasks make for a great experience for the SFAs. We hire approximately 12-16 SFAs for the summer period.

RA, RSA, and graduate student employment opportunities have moved! Visit Division of Student Affairs Student Employment to learn about and apply for these positions.