First-Year Housing Assignment Process

Incoming first-year students should complete all the required steps toward receiving his/her housing assignment through the University Roadmap. On the Roadmap, students will complete the following items in this order:

Verification of Permanent Address

After your permanent address is entered online, our database will automatically verify whether you can commute from your parent's home (within 40 miles of campus). If so, you can designate your status as commuting from home.

Photo Id

You must submit a photo ID and have it accepted by the university in order to complete your housing application.

Lifestyle Indicators

This list of five questions about your lifestyle will help you choose a room with someone who closely matches your lifestyle indicators.

Vaccination Status Statement

Ohio Revised Code section 1713.55 requires that every student submit a statement on his/her vaccination status for meningitis and hepatitis B before they can live on campus. The form must be submitted online before you can continue working on the housing application.

Housing Application

This is the official application that indicates that you will be living on campus. On this application, you will choose your meal plan option, and agree to the terms and conditions of the Residence Hall Agreement.

Roommate Preference/Request

You can search for a roommate using our online roommate matching program, My College Roomie. You will receive access to My College Roomie on the new student checklist after you complete your housing application.

If you find specific person to live with, you and your roommate must request each other and approve the request through the housing checklist on the University Roadmap. This is considered a mutual request. A mutual request is absolutely necessary in order to select a room with your chosen roommate. Both you and your roommate must request each other before you choose a room online.

It is not necessary to choose a roommate in order to choose a room online.

Online Housing Assignment System

Once all of the information is completed, you may choose a room online through our online housing assignment system.