Online Housing Assignment System

Beginning in mid-to-late May, first-year students may choose their room through our online housing assignment system. It is important that you read the information carefully on the "Select Your Room" website. Once you select your room and confirm it, you will not be able to change your housing assignment until the room change process begins during the second week of classes of fall semester.

You are not required to choose a room online. If you do not select a room by the deadline, we will assign you to a room based upon your lifestyle indicators and roommate preferences, if any.

Medical Accommodation

If you have an approved medical accommodation, please contact our office to discuss your assignment. You should not choose a room online if this applies to you. We do hold rooms specifically for approved medical accommodations.

If you feel you need a specific medical accommodation, please review the information from the Office of Disability Resources about obtaining approval for a medical accommodation.

gender inclusive housing

If you are a transgender student, a student exploring gender identity, non-binary, or are gender non-conforming and would like to discuss your housing options, please contact the LGBT Center (216.368.1237) and request to speak with Liz Roccoforte, LGBT Center Director or contact Office of University Housing (216.368.3780 or email and request to speak to Loretta Sexton, Associate Director of University Housing. You can also indicate on your housing application that you would like to live in GIH and we will follow up with you individually. We have identified rooms in the first year halls for gender inclusive housing. Click here for more details about the program.

Roommate Information

This section lists information that is currently in our system about your potential roommate. READ THIS SECTION VERY CAREFULLY. If you have requested a roommate, and that person has also requested you and confirmed your request, then it will indicate that there is a mutual request. Once this is confirmed, only one of you will need to select the room for the both of you.

Available Rooms

The list of available rooms shows 10 rooms at a time. Available single rooms and doubles are shown. Under "Room Type" it will list specific information about that room. If a double room is empty, it will say "empty" in parentheses. If you choose a double room, you will be the first occupant in the room. If a double room is "partially filled," you can click on the words "partially filled" to see the lifestyle indicators of the current occupant. It is important to check this information before selecting the room so you can find a roommate whose lifestyle indicators closely match your own.


To confirm your room choice, press the "Choose this Room" button. If you do not wish to select any of these rooms at this time, press the "Cancel Without Choosing" button. You can come back often to view available spaces. The list of available rooms changes constantly as other students make their selections. Once you select your room and confirm it, you will not be able to change your housing assignment for any reason until the room change process begins during the third week of classes of fall semester.

How to View Roommate Information

Once you have selected a room, you can find information about your roommate in MyHousing.