Gender Inclusive First Year Housing

The Offices of University Housing and Residence Life, the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and the LGBT Center collaborated to offer a Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) pilot program for the 2015-16 academic year. The program was quite successful and will continue to be offered in upcoming years.

The GIH option will allow students to live with other students in a non-binary housing option. Students in GIH rooms can live with other students regardless of their gender identity/ expression. GIH also seeks to create inclusive and supportive living environments for students.

Who can live in Gender Inclusive Housing? Students who are transgender, exploring gender identity, non-binary, are gender non-conforming or allies of the community.

Why are we offering this option? It is important that the CWRU housing community is a comfortable safe place for students to live. Not all students are comfortable with a room assignment based exclusively on their assigned sex at birth.

Where is this located? The program will take place in a quad-style residence hall – Cutler House. One quad has space for nine students (4 double rooms and 1 single) and shares a bathroom. The single room will be for the Resident Assistant (RA) for the floor.

How will assignments be completed for this program? Assignments and roommate matches will be made by the Office of University Housing based upon your housing application lifestyle preferences.

How do I apply for the Gender Inclusive Housing option? Please indicate on your housing application that you want to live in GIH and we will contact you about this program.

If you don't think this housing option is right for you, please contact the LGBT Center (216.368.1237) and request to speak with Liz Roccoforte, LGBT Center Director or contact University Housing (216.368.3780 or email and request to speak to Loretta Sexton, Associate Director of University Housing to discuss housing options.