Room Selection at Case

Room Selection Details

Rising second-year students will be housed in Clarke Tower, Triangle Tower 2, the Murray Hill Complex (Alumni, Howe, Tippit and Staley houses), and the Carlton Road Complex (Glaser, Kusch and Michelson houses)

Rising upper-class students will be housed in The Village at 115, Stephanie Tubbs Jones Hall, Staley House, the Triangle Apartments and North Property Management Apartments (Twin Gables, 1680 Building, 1719 Building, 1727 Building and Noble).

Reference Information

Room Selection 2019-2020

Housing applications must be completed online, making it easier for groups of students to sign up together, and for students currently residing off campus to participate. Our room selection flowchart, under the "Rising Second-Year" and "Rising Upper-Class Student" sections, will help guide you through the process and determine what option is right for you.

If you have any questions, contact University Housing at 216.368.3780, by email at or visiting our office in 24 Thwing Center. We will keep this site up to date with the latest information as it becomes available.

Housing Application

By submitting an individual housing application you agree to live on campus for the 2019-2020 academic year.

You will not be released from this contract for non-registration-related reasons (i.e. commuting or moving into a Greek house) after you complete an application, except as described in the Residence Hall Agreement. Your first opportunity to be released from this contract will not occur until the spring semester of 2020. Your first opportunity to change your assignment will not occur until the second week of classes for the fall semester.

medical accommodation

Students with disabilities may be eligible for housing accommodations that meet their unique needs outside the classroom. Medical accommodations are approved by the Office of Disability Resources.

Documentation is required to explain the diagnosis, history, treatment protocol and need for a specific accommodation based on the disability. Housing accommodations are determined individually based on the documentation provided. If you have an current accommodation and wish to discuss your housing options for next year, please contact the Office of Disability Resources prior to spring break.

If you feel you need a specific medical accommodation, please review the information from the Office of Disability Resources about obtaining approval for a medical accommodation.

Gender inclusive housing

Gender Inclusive Housing allows transgender students, students exploring gender identity, non-binary, gender non-conforming students and their allies to live together in the residence halls. For details on how to sign up for Gender Inclusive Housing, please follow these links:

Sustainability House

Sustainability House is an intentional living community focused on creating a sustainable lifestyle in a not-inherently-green house, Wade Manor, at the corner of Wade Park Ave. and E. 115th Ave. Between 5 and 10 students will be selected based on a short application to live in this 6 bedroom, 3.5 bath home. Singles or doubles are available depending on interest and availability. An interest in sustainability is required, although broad experience is not! Applications must be completed by Sunday, February 24 (link below). Decisions to be made by March 8. Any questions please contact the Sustainability Office