2016-2017 Damage and Fee Schedule

Through our comprehensive maintenance program, we hope to ensure that all student rooms and common areas are in good working order throughout the year. Students should submit a maintenance request to report any issue so that they can be addressed. Most repairs are due to expected wear and tear, and do not result in any charges to the student.

In circumstances where the damage is excessive or due to negligence or willful misconduct, the following schedule of charges will be used as a guide. Please note that this list is not all-inclusive and is provided as a general reference.

Please note: these charges include material and labor (University labor rate is $48/hr) unless otherwise noted.

2016-2017 Damage and Fee Schedule
Appliances 2016-2017 Rate
Replace Dishwasher $341.00
Replace Microwave (1.3cf and smaller) $181.00
Replace Microwave (1.4cf and larger) $259.00
Replace Microwave (1.4cf)—Stephanie Tubbs Jones Hall $158.00
Replace Microwave (ADA)—Stephanie Tubbs Jones Hall $205.00
Replace Refrigerator (17.5cf)—Stephanie Tubbs Jones Hall $593.00
Replace Refrigerator (ADA)—Stephanie Tubbs Jones Hall $659.00
Replace Refrigerator (6cf) $348.00
Replace Refrigerator (17cf and larger) non-stainless steel $940.00
Replace Stove (24" free standing) $448.00
Replace Stove (30" free standing) $347.00
Replace Stove (30" slide-in) $781.00
Replace Stove—Stephanie Tubbs Jones Hall $536.00
Replace Stove (ADA)—Stephanie Tubbs Jones Hall $547.00
Replace Garbage Disposal $98.00
Appliance Accessories
Microwave Carousel Ring $24.00
Microwave Tray $60.00
Microwave Door Handle $35.00
Dishwasher Lower Rack Roller $10.00
Dishwasher Silverware Basket $46.00
Stove Burner Bowl/Drip Pan $17.00
Stove Surface Element $45.00
Stove Knob $10.00
Oven Rack $45.00
Oven Bake/Broiler Element $61.00
Oven Broiler Pan $25.00
Refrigerator Interior Shelf $45.00
Refrigerator Vegetable Drawers $45.00
Refrigerator Door Shelf $15.00
Replace Door $798.00
Repair Split Door $123.00
Replace Peep Site $63.00
Refinish Door (one side) $296.00
Refinish Door (both sides) $442.00
Replace Lock (Mechanical) $306.00
Replace Lock (Electronic) $556.00
Replace Entry Door Handle $20.00
Replace Security Latch $15.00
Replace Bathroom Door Knob $15.00
Replace Closet Door Knob $10.00
Fire Safety and Security
Replace Emergency Exit Sign $296.00
Replace Smoke Detector $99.00
Replace Fire Extinguisher $74.00
Recharge Fire Extinguisher $34.00
Fire Extinguisher Discharge Clean up (billed in half-hour increments) $24.00
Furniture (Built-In)
Replace Closet Door $148.00
Replace Closet Rod $58.00
Replace Closet Towel Rack $31.00
Replace Closet Mirror $173.00
Rehang Wall Bookshelves $48.00
Replace Wall Bookshelves $123.00
Furniture (Stand Alone)
Replace Bed Ends (pair) $168.00
Replace Bed Frame $123.00
Replace Bed Lofting Pin $5.00
Replace Bed Stabilizer Bar $93.00
Replace Bookshelf $163.00
Replace Chair $198.00
Replace Coffee Table $282.00
Replace Couch $1,173.00
Replace Counter Stool $223.00
Replace Desk Chair $198.00
Replace Desk Chair Seat/Back $156.00
Repair Desk Drawer $48.00
Repair Desk Leg $98.00
Refinish Desk (Staining) $207.00
Replace Desk $298.00
Replace Desk Hutch $173.00
Replace Dresser (3-drawer) $298.00
Replace Dresser (5-drawer) $363.00
Replace File Cabinet $213.00
Replace Mattress $158.00
Replace Table $448.00
Replace Wardrobe $530.00
Replace Wardrobe Door $148.00
Replace Furniture Hardware $15.00
Housekeeping (30 minutes) $24.00
Large Item Removal (per piece) $48.00
Reset Room (Move Furniture) $48.00
Replace Wastebasket (7 gallons) $10.00
Replace Recycling Bin (7 gallons) $15.00
Replace Recycling Bin (23 gallons) $70.00
Replace Shower Curtain $34.00
Replace Showerhead $20.00
Replace Shower Rod $15.00
Replace Tub Knob $6.00
Replace Toilet Paper Holder $10.00
Replace Kitchen Faucet $68.00
Replace Bathroom Faucet $51.00
Replace Toilet Seat $35.00
Replace Toilet Flush Handle $8.00
Keys and ID Cards
Lost Temporary ID (Proximity) $25.00
Replace Key Card $10.00
Duplicate Metal Key $10.00
Lost Key (Lock Change) $96.00
Lost Front Door Key $53.00
Lost Mailbox Key (Lock Change) $10.00
Lighting and Electric
Replace Light Fixture $100.00
Replace Electrical Outlet Strip $70.00
Network Equipment
Replace Switch (GS950/8) $183.00
Replace Cable Modem $160.00
Replace Fiber-Optic Cable $11.00
Replace GBIC Module $125.00
Replace SFP Module $53.00
Replace Power Cable $5.00
Replace Power Supply $25.00
Replace Faceplate $500.00
Reattach Faceplate $50.00
Walls, Ceilings, Floors
Patch & Plaster Wall (1'x1') $212.00
Paint Wall $111.00
Paint Ceiling $111.00
Paint Bedroom $126.00
Paint Common Room $174.00
Replace 1'x1' Ceiling Tile (Labor Extra) $2.00
Replace 2'x4' Ceiling Tile (Labor Extra) $4.00
Replace Carpet (Square Yard, Labor Extra) $41.00
Replace Carpet Square $27.00
Replace Mini Blinds (under 33") $32.00
Replace Mini Blinds (33" to 48") $38.00
Replace Mini Blinds (over 48") $42.00
Replace Vertical Blinds (under 5') $143.00
Replace Vertical Blinds (5' to 8') $196.00
Replace Vertical Blinds (over 8') $258.00
Reattach Screen $24.00
Repair Screen $58.00
Replace Screen and Frame $123.00
Replace Vertical Blind Headrail $36.00
Improper Checkout Fee $100.00
Paint Room (approved room modification) $50.00