LEED Certification Celebration


Case Western Reserve University and the Office of University Housing are committed to maintaining a sustainable and environmentally responsible campus within the context of its educational mission, resources, and responsibilities to students, faculty, staff, alumni, local community, and our environment.

Over the last decade, Case Western Reserve has invested millions of dollars in energy-efficient technologies and building systems. The most recent example of our sustainability and energy conservation efforts can be seen at The Village at 115. We are committed to continuing these types of investments.

In true higher-learning form, the university is using the lessons of sustainability beyond the completion of the building. Energy usage and monitoring statistics for The Village at 115 are being compiled and used in undergraduate research projects. "CWRU is committed to assisting students in developing a greater sense of social responsibility while providing them with the tools to solve the problems society faces," says Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Sue Nickel-Schindewolf.

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