Social Engagement


I have "liked" the Office for Sustainability and Living at Case Western Reserve University on Facebook and "followed" the office on Twitter.

Check out the Office for Sustainability on Facebook and Twitter and Living at Case Western Reserve University on Facebook. Not only will you get tips on how to be more sustainable but you will get lots of information about events around campus to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

I have signed up to receive the sustainability newsletter from the Office for Sustainability.

Regularly, the Office for Sustainability sends out sustainability newsletters. These newsletters contain information regarding sustainability events and tips to live more sustainable. Sign up for this newsletter on the Sustainability page on the Case website.

I know who my RHA Sustainability Rep is.

Each community has a Sustainability Rep. These individuals are responsible for promoting sustainability in the halls through both passive and active programming. Feel free to contact your Sustainability Rep at any time and be looking out for programming in your hall. For more information on Sustainability Reps, check out the RHA webpage.

I participate in REScycle at the end of the spring semester.

REScycle is an annual event that encourages donations of items that are typically thrown away during move out. The goal is to reduce trash going to landfills and help others by donating items you no longer need. For more information, check out the program on Facebook and check the Housing website for more information in early May.

I participate in Recyclemania.

Case Western Reserve University, along with hundreds of other schools across the nation, participates in a ten week long competition from the beginning of February to the end of March to minimize waste and increase recycling practices. Each week, results are posted on the school's recycling output and waste production and the school can see how it compares in the rankings to other schools across the nation. Recyclemania hopes to increase awareness about recycling on campus with this competition, along with organizing a two week residential building competition on campus, Case recycling facility tours for students, and an event to celebrate the end of Recyclemania. The Student Sustainability Council will be planning and organizing events during the fall semester to prepare for Recyclemania beginning in the Spring semester.

If I am involved in a student organization, I utilize the Green Your Event Checklist when planning programs.

The Office of Sustainability has created a Green Your Event Checklist. This can be found on their website and has great information on how to be more sustainable at your next event!

I have read through the information regarding the Climate Action Plan.

In 2008, President Barbara R. Snyder signed the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment, a national initiative of higher education leaders who believed that by working together, institutions could make a major impact on climate change. Check out the Climate Action Plan webpage for more information on how Case is being sustainable.

I have encouraged at least one friend to participate in the Green Your Room Certification program.

By going green with your friends, a sustainable lifestyle can be more fun. You can challenge each other and see who can be the most sustainable. If everyone works together, we can not only lower Case's carbon footprint, but have a substantial impact on the planet. You will not only live a better quality of life, but you will be making a difference and setting an example for others to follow.

I have attended a Sustainability Speaker Series Event.

Housing, Residence Life & Greek Life brings in speakers to discuss a variety of topics relating to sustainability. Check out the Housing webpage for information regarding the next S3 event!