Video Tips for Residents

Want a quick tutorial on housing policies? How about a tutorial on maintenance requests—do you know what to do with a clogged sink or a refrigerator on the blink? Check out our series of videos, which will help you figure out some of the basics. Just click on the video images or read our brief descriptions below:


The staff at the North Area Office can help you with everything from package pickups to dry cleaning. If you want to learn more about the services they offer, this video sums it all up.

Residence Hall Rooms

It's important to read through the housing policy website as soon as you become a campus resident. Still, you probably won't remember every little detail, so our quick video can offer easy instructions on understanding face plates, lofting beds and more.

Maintenance Request Forms

We have an easy-to-use form that can be submitted directly to the staff that replaces bulbs, fixes leaky faucets and more. Here, we show you how to navigate to the page on our website so you can log a maintenance request quickly and easily.

The North Area Office

Our first video shows you the basics of filling out a maintenance request form, but in this video you'll learn how to troubleshoot card access and door locks first, before you submit your form. You'll also learn how temporary access keys can assist in the event of a temporary lockout.

Access Locks

Living in a residence hall is much different than living at home. If you don't clean up your space, it can easily impact the relationship you have with your roommate—or your suitemates too. Learn a few simple maintenance tasks that can help keep things from piling up.