Students gathering at the Leadership Conference

Involvement & Leadership

There are opportunities all over campus to get involved, explore your interests and maybe even lead the way. Experiential learning opportunities complement your classroom experiences in all aspects of life at CWRU. With over 170 student organizations, the chance to create your own, and the multitude of activities planned by the university, there are many way to find your place here.

Leadership Development

Globally, there is an overwhelming need for effective leadership. CWRU is committed to the leadership development of our undergraduate students and preparing them—not only for student leadership opportunities—but for global leadership initiatives, as well. Graduate students can find ways to excercise the leadership skills developed during their undergraduate time through their individual school or program.


These events highlight the incredible contributions of our current student leaders, and help grow the skills of our emerging leaders. At any stage of your leadership journey, check out these great opportunities.

Graduate Leadership

Leadership programs for graduate students may have a different focus than those tailored for undergraduates, and allow graduate and professional students to learn and grow alongside peers facing similar opportunities and challenges.