SA&L Ambassadors

The SA&L Ambassadors work with the Student Activities and Leadership Office (SA&L) to actively engage on committees for various SA&L signature programs (i.e., Emerging Leaders Program (ELP), Fall Leadership Conference, StrengthsQuest, Homecoming etc.); influence leadership development of CWRU students and the 200 plus USG recognized student organizations outside of the academic classroom. We believe in the power of students to impact the campus and surrounding area through community learning, school spirit, and student engagement/involvement. As SA&L student ambassadors, we strive to support one another and provide a platform to communicate ideas while building a supportive community among student leaders. Through personal leadership development, we work to make our community a more inclusive and vibrant place!

As Student Ambassadors we are committed to:

Serve as a peer consultant to better serve our student organizations by researching, developing, administering and assessing a broad array of student leadership development and educational programs (i.e., workshops, conferences, retreat facilitation and resources)

Provide a series of leadership based programs to local K-12 students

Forward the initiatives to create a stronger community (i.e., foster a spirit of school pride, advocate and celebrate all students; continue to move forward the grass root movement created by our student organizations)

Sell the "what makes a CWRU student special"

Recognize and celebrate student leaders and organizations

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"Servant Leadership is a philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world" – Robert Greenleaf