The office of Student Activities and Leadership is excited to utilize StrengthsQuest with many of our student organizations and leadership programs. Students beginning their StrengthsQuest journey start with a 30 minute online assessment, the Clifton StrengthsFinder. Over 8 million people have taken this assessment to become clued into their talents and strengths potential.

The StrengthsQuest program is based on six principles of human nature & behavior:

  • You have a group of talents within you
  • Your greatest talents hold the key to high achievement, success, & progress at levels of personal excellence
  • Becoming aware of your talents builds confidence & provides a basis for achievement
  • Learning how to develop & apply strengths will improve your levels of achievement
  • Each of your talents can be applied in many areas including service, relationships, learning, academics, leadership, & careers
  • As you develop & apply strengths, achievements will increase & you will experience greater & more frequent successes
Strengthsquest Overview
  • Assessment gives students their top 5 signature themes of strength
  • There are 34 possible signature themes of strength
  • Each signature theme contains your natural talents
  • The themes play off of each other so two students can have the same strength with differing talents described

building strengths

"I think it is one of the best tools I have ever been introduced to. It really redefines team work for me, especially as a person who used to have a hard time relying on other people on the same team!"
Rita Tohme, PhD candidate, Molecular Medicine

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Campus Partners

Want to learn more about CWRU's strengths movement? Reach out to the Office of Student Activities and Leadership or contact one our campus partners: Office of Multicultural Affairs, Greek Life, Career Center, Residence Life!