Present at a Future Leadership Conference

We are looking for faculty, staff, graduate students, and community leaders to present a session on any topic related to leadership or professional development. We are also looking for sessions that educate students on leadership theories or current books available. Here are some suggestions from current undergraduate students to get your creative juices flowing!

Session Focus

In order for students to choose the sessions that are most applicable to their skill level, the conference committee offers sessions that are geared toward students with a wide range of leadership experiences.

Undergraduate student sessions will be focused on three leadership levels:

  • Emerging Leaders - These leaders are exploring their own leadership, the opportunities for leadership on campus, and transitioning into becoming a university leader.
  • Intermediate Leaders - These leaders are becoming engaged and focused leaders as they begin to align their values with their leadership involvement and become more intentional about developing their leadership skills.
  • Advanced/Transitional/Graduate Student Leaders - These leaders are preparing to transfer their leadership skills to their post-graduation experiences. They are reflecting and celebrating their learning and life skills, and developing the next generation of leaders. In addition, please specify whether or not your session will be appropriate for undergraduate students, graduate students, or both audiences.