Breakout Session 3: 12:10 - 1:00 p.m.

Using the TINK to Lead Your Student Organization to Success

This session will be an informative learning overview for student organizations and their leaders to become knowledgeable of the Tinkham Veale University Center's event polices and procedures. As well as the benefits that can be obtained through student organizations using the facility to it's highest capabilities. Including some information about the partnership, events hosted and the availability of the Maltz Performing Arts Center.

Personal & Planetary Wellness, aka Sustainability

Let's talk about personal and planetary wellness and sustainability. How can each of us reduce our footprint, embrace a minimalism philosophy and find some space to make decisions that are healthy for all. We'll talk about the sharing economy, living a lower waste lifestyle, personal purchases, measuring your carbon footprint, the top 10 opportunities to positively impact your health and the planet's, and who else is doing this cool work in Cleveland and beyond. Undergraduate Student Sustainability Ambassadors will join our presentation.

The Best Network You Will Ever Find: the Alumni of CWRU

"Have you ever wondered about life after CWRU? Have you ever considered using the alumni of your student organization in some capacity or another? Were you aware of the amazing network of professionals and scholars who are a part of the university community after graduation? Join the Alumni Board Chair, Jeffrey Werespej (CWRU '07, MGT '11) and Assistant Director, Alumni Affairs, Christal Crosby as they share their expertise in connecting with the alumni of CWRU!"

Yoga Basics

Practice the fundamentals of Hatha Yoga as you focus on posture and form while enhancing relaxation and flexibility.

Wellness & Food!

Join Executive Chef Tony Smoody and Chef Richard Thompson in the Tink kitchen for demonstration on healthy cooking! Learn basic preparation tips while also hearing more about the importance of creating a balanced and healthy meal.

How to balance college, life, and the future: A personal perspective

Being a college student today is overwhelming. There's a million and one things to do and not enough time to do them, let alone the future to think about. Are you planning on going to graduate school, but don't know how to be the best applicant? Are you still looking to find your passions? Here's some tips and tricks of how I figured out college.

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Find yourself booked from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep? Do you even go to sleep? This presentation seeks to interrupt the "busy" culture by discussing the effects of being busy on your mental health. Participants will learn strategies such as mindfulness and deep breathing to better take care of themselves as a student leader.

How to Get Away with Programs

Join this session to learn the basics of planning a successful, interactive, and inclusive program/event. Participants will learn the steps of planning, marketing, executing, and evaluating an event through games, activities, and disucssions. This is a session you won't soon forget.

The F Word: Finding Strength through Failure

In this interactive session, participants will reflect on their leadership journey through the lens of their past failures. Participants will be engaged with the common stigmas of failure, the complexities of leading with failure in mind, and the components needed to create a culture of intelligent risk taking that promotes sustained innovation.

Mental Training for Increased Performance at Work or Play

Most of my experience in mental training has been with athletes (mostly runners) however the 10 different tools I teach can be applied to enhance happiness and productivity in life, work and outside activities. I will actively teach 3-4 of these tools and explain the known science behind these tools. My class is an interactive method of teaching and I will be asking my audience for full participation to practice and learn tools.

Women in the History of CWRU

Who doesn't love storytelling time? Come hear tales of CWRU history, with a theme of women students and their joys, challenges, champions and hurdles over time. You'll meet all kinds of interesting characters whose names are familiar but life stories are not (yet). Find inspiration and entertainment as we consider the foundation they laid for us, and as we add our own stories to a long legacy of CWRU history.