Position Descriptions

Colleges Against Cancer is seeking passionate and committed students to be a part of this year's planning committee for Relay For Life 2016. The following is a list of available positions and a description of the different responsibilities. If you are interested in being part of this year's leadership team, or in helping out in any other way, please contact Heidi Schmidt or Dana Williams.

* In addition to the specific responsibilities of each committee, all planning committee chairs will:

  • Attend planning committee meetings
  • Meet with executive board advisor to create goals and action plans throughout the year
  • Attend Relay For Life 2016
  • Plan games, activities, and entertainment throughout the evening
  • Work with teams to co-sponsor entertainment and prizes
  • Create a schedule of ceremonies, events, entertainment, and activities
  • Collaborate with the advisor and logistics to obtain staging and sound equipment
  • Recruit a DJ for the event
  • Recruit campus and community groups and bands to perform
  • Recruit entertainment (DJs, performance groups, etc.) for all CAC events.
  • Contact campus organizations to host events/tournaments at Relay For Life
  • Organize tournaments for the Relay For Life schedule
  • Work with Relay Cup and Entertainment Chairs to coordinate Relay Cup Points, overall entertainment schedule, and activities for Relay For Life
  • Help groups set up and manage tournaments the day of Relay
  • Obtain donations for midnight pizza party, pancake breakfast, sustenance stations
  • Coordinate water stations throughout the event
  • Arrange for logistics of food deliveries
  • Obtain donations for survivor lunch
  • Arrange for staffing of food area as needed
  • Work with local vendors to provide food stations
  • Coordinate food for any CAC-sponsored event (including kickoff, retreat, etc.)
  • Facilitate logistics meetings with several campus offices, including Facilities, Plant Services, Housing, Residence Life, & Greek Life, Campus Services, Athletics, Student Activities & Leadership, among others
  • Obtain necessary contracts & permits
  • Prepare site map
  • Arrange for 18-hour first aid and security
  • Arrange for traffic control/parking
  • Obtain communication devices
  • Arrange 18-hour staffing for logistics
  • Develop a plan to increase luminaria income and sales year-round and day of the event
  • Develop a data entry plan
  • Plan the placement of luminaria
  • Plan the luminaria ceremony
  • Obtain luminaria supplies
  • Staff luminaria area until ceremony ends
  • Pick up luminaria after event ends
  • Plan and implement a year-long marketing and public relations campaign to continue the branding of Colleges Against Cancer as an organization
  • Produce fliers, videos and other promotional materials for CAC-sponsored events
  • Coordinate the use of social media including Facebook and Twitter
  • Coordinate publicity in community/campus publications like the Case Daily, The Observer, and other forms of media
  • Arrange photo and/or video coverage for all CAC-sponsored events
  • Plan and implement a year-long marketing and public relations campaign to reach out to on-campus and community groups to promote Relay For Life
  • Attend Team Captain's meetings
  • Encourage early sign ups, as well as team recruitment pushes and incentives through marketing campaigns
  • Produce fliers, videos and other promotional materials for Relay
  • Coordinate the use of social media including Facebook and Twitter for promotion and recognition purposes
  • Coordinate publicity in community/campus publications like the Case Daily, The Observer, and other forms of media
  • Identify and utilize community publications
  • Arrange photo and video coverage for Relay For Life
  • Coordinate program design and distribution
  • Manage the Relay online process
  • Maintain communication with team recruitment/retention chair to report team online fundraising progress
  • Send out Relay For Life monthly newsletters with updates
  • Serve as a member of the Relay For Life financial team, which includes the Steering Committee advisor and fundraising chair
  • Work directly with the Steering Committee advisor to secure large donations from sponsors on and off-campus.
  • Develop and distribute ACS-approved sponsorship packet
  • Meet with local vendors/businesses to obtain sponsorship and raffle prizes
  • Obtain sponsorship logos
  • Work with Relay For Life PR Chair to ensure qualifying sponsor logos are included in publications
  • Select and order recognition items for sponsors
  • Plan and implement event day sponsor recognition
  • Complete all on-campus co-sponsorship forms and attend meetings to request the financial support of student organizations
  • Work directly with the ACS liaison at Relay For Life to count money and report the final tally at the Closing Ceremony
  • Attend Team Captain meetings and assist in training team captains in year-long fundraising efforts
  • Meet with appropriate university level administrators to seek co-sponsorship support

Team Recruitment/Retention Chair will work with the Director of Team Recruitment/Retention to accomplish the following:

  • Develop and implement a team recruitment plan
  • Contact campus groups and set up recruitment presentations
  • Recruit Teams, Recruit Teams, Recruit Teams
  • Oversee Relay For Life team Captains(staff/faculty, community, graduate/professional, greek, student organizations, etc.)
  • Meet regularly with team captains to lead and motivate them in their team development activities
  • Mentor new and existing Team Captains and train new Team Captains
  • Maintain listing of teams
  • Communicate with teams throughout Relay season
  • Prepare Team Captain packets
  • Organize on-site fundraisers with teams
  • Recognize and thank your team of volunteers and team captains
  • Attend Relay online training
  • Publicize and recruit volunteer efforts for all CAC-sponsored activities including Kick-off, Power of Purple, Relay For Life, and other special initiatives
  • Communicate with planning committee to manage and plan volunteer duties prior to Relay For Life
  • Organize logistics for the registration tent (includes team check-in, luminaria sales, volunteer check-in, money collection, survivor check-in, T-shirt pick up, etc.)
  • Coordinate all volunteer jobs onsite at Relay For Life
  • Track and report information about volunteer hours to Greek Life
  • Create programs to get survivors involved with CAC year round
  • Send greeting cards to survivors who have been involved in previous Relay For Life events
  • Incorporate survivorship into all CAC events
  • Plan and Organize the Survivor Lunch at Relay For Life
  • Coordinate Survivor Matching Program (more details will be provided)