Holiday Decorations

Holiday Lights

If you are planning decorate for the holiday, please let safety be your guide! For example, don't use open flames or lights near combustible materials, turn off displays when you're not around, and do not use live trees. It is important to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Do not use live trees
  • Do not use candles, open flames or lights in close proximity to combustible materials
  • Use miniature indoor lights only (no large bulb or outdoor lights)
  • Do not place displays in a way that would block or restrict any means of egress from your room, suite or apartment or hinder access to safety equipment in the hallways
  • All lights must remain inside your rooms (not outside your door or out your window)
  • Inspect lights and any electrical devices prior to use. Look for bare wires, frayed insulation, loose plugs and sockets, etc. Do not use any equipment that appears to be defective or does not have a tag containing "UL Approved"
  • Do not use extension cords; only use UL Approved power strips/surge protectors.
  • Turn off lighted displays when the area is unattended
  • All decorations must be removed (by the person who put them up) before the end of the Fall semester

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