Parking for Spring 2018 Move In

Beginning Thursday, January 11 through Monday, January 15 (midnight), the following parking lots will be available for short-term parking usage for spring semester move in:

  • Lot 4 (by Magnolia House)
  • Lot 5 (Murray Hill and Adelbert Road, by Fribley Commons)
  • Lot 57 (behind Carlton Road residence halls and next to Carlton Road Greek houses)
  • Lot S46 (The Village at 115 parking garage)

No overnight parking will be allowed without a parking permit, and vehicles parked illegally on the streets (i.e. double parked, parked on wrong side of street, in front of a hydrant, etc.) will be subject to ticketing. Additionally, no parking or driving on the sidewalks by the residence halls is permitted.

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