Science United Biomedical Jobs Network

Science United is a biomedical jobs network created by PhD scientists with the goal of helping young scientists more easily enter the biosciences world. Our founders understand first-hand the difficulties of trying to find the perfect scientific fit in the highly specialized biomedical industry, thus Science United is an advocacy tool that allows job seekers and employers to connect in a comprehensive and specific arena to communicate their scientific abilities. Specifically we offer:

  • Candidate 90-second highlight videos to demonstrate not only research interests and goals, but also communication skills not found on traditional applications.
  • Personalized recommendations and facilitated screenings by our scientific team to ensure that candidates are finding and applying to jobs that best fit their needs.
  • A completely FREE profile for job seekers to browse and apply to an unlimited number of jobs in our database.

At Science United we understand that scientific fit is as important as scientific competency, sign up today and let us find you a perfectly tailored career!

Accessing Science United

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