Correcting 531990 + 539990 Journals

What is a 531990/539990 journal?

When a purchaser at the University uses their PCard or DCard, the JP Morgan Chase Module will usually assign the correct account number. For example, if you paid for computer software, you would have an account number of 531800 (view other common account numbers here).

Sometimes the system doesn't recognize the vendor or the type of expense, and assigns a default number of 531990. There are also times when PeopleSoft does not recognize an input, so it assigns the account number 539990 as well. In both cases, these account numbers need to be corrected.

Why is this important?

Each year the University is responsible for reporting our expenses to the IRS. Since there are a variety of ways you can buy supplies, we lump categorical data (pens, pencils, copier, water) into a number like 531000. Then at the end of the year the Controller's Office gathers information based on each number and submits that to the IRS.

When transactions come in with a 531990 or 539990 number, that means the system didn't classify the transaction and it does not have a category like supplies, salary, software, etc. This poses an issue for the University as we cannot accurately report our expenses for the year before these transactions are corrected.

Preventing 531990 Transactions

Each user with PCard/DCard access should view and allocate their transactions via the JP Morgan Chase module after the PCard/DCard month closes (usually the 25th of each month) and before the 29th of each month. If this process doesn't happen, the month closes and a journal is posted on the OPR with 531990.

Save yourself from having to do another journal by reconciling your transactions before they are posted.

Correcting 531990/539990 Transactions via a Journal
Identify the Transactions

After you upload your transactions each month to your reconciliation document, you will notice (if JP Morgan Chase account number changes were not done) that there are transactions with the account number 531990 (as shown below):


Since all the numbers above are positive (charges) each of these will have to be reversed (debited/negative number) and then correctly charged to the right account number.

Prepare the Journal

If you need a refresher on how to complete a journal, you can find the documentation on our procurement page. Once you have started a journal you will need put the journal description and attach a copy of the income and expense report (or a screenshot just like the one above).


We recommend reversing line-by-line each of the transactions with the correct account number (531400 in this instance). Each of the 531400 lines will have a debit which in our system is a charge (positive number). Each of the 531990 will have a credit which is giving money back to the account number. This gives you the cleanest most recognizable way for someone to know what you have done. You can, however, do a lump sum amount for the 531990 so long as it nets out correctly.