Position Evaluation

To determine relative worth of a position, the content of each job is analyzed to identify key duties, responsibilities, and qualification necessary to perform the job; and compared to positions within the department, similar positions within the management center, as well as comparable jobs across the university.

FLSA classification is also determined. ( Exempt or Non-exempt)

Compensable Factors

Scope - Represents the level of responsibilities of the position

Authority - Takes the form of determining the need for action to identify alternatives, knowledge or required regulations and guidelines, select actions to be taken and appropriate reporting

Experience and Education - Minimum years of experience and educational level necessary to succeed in job.

External contacts - Responsibility for personally dealing with individuals outside the university, taking into account the difficulty or amount of controversy involved and the presence/absence of guiding practices, procedures and/or goals

Internal contacts - Degree to which the employee deals with individuals within the University, but outside the direct line of authority such as business meetings, telephone and correspondence contacts; contacts that involve project management, technical overview or functional direction

Supervision - Number of permanent staff employees directly supervised and level of those positions

Investigation/ fact finding - Responsibility for initiating, determining the need for and/or conducting investigations, studies, surveys or tests for the purpose of finding factors or developing ideas, designs or processes

Planning/ scheduling/ forecasting - Deals with the complexities or relative difficulties of schedules, plans, and/or forecasts and the variety and relative importance of these plans

Student impact - Does the position provide activities or services that support the university at large OR are they directly related to the purpose of education and research

Edit and negotiate

Once you have written your position description draft, send your draft to your supervisor and then to your HRA. It is good to get constructive feedback. Your supervisor will have the knowledge of exactly what you are looking for and your HRA will have the experience working with the compensation specialist to see if your description has all requirements necessary to be reviewed.


Once the compensation specialist and the supervisor agree on the position description. The compensation specialist will issue a SG - Salary Grade (salary range to pay your new hire) and a job code. Use this job code to begin the hiring process in HCM.

You will also have to sign the HR Job Certification Form which states: I have reviewed the job description for accuracy and completeness. I certify that the description is an accurate statement of the major duties and responsibilities of this position and its organizational relationships.