Posting the Position

Now that you've written an approved job description and planned out the preliminary search details, you're ready to post the position in PeopleSoft Human Capital Management System (HCM).

Posting the Position in HCM

Below is a list of information you will need to complete the posting of your position. If you need any assistance, you can always contact your HRA to walk you through the process.

  • Job code - This is given to you by the compensation specialist.
  • Position title - HCM will automatically prepopulate a title when you put in the job code. You can change the title to something that you feel is more appropriate or relates directly to your department.
  • Home department number - This is your speedtype without the OPR in front of it. For example, the home department number for OPR221332 is simply 221332.
  • How long do you want to post this position? You can remove or extend the dates later depending on how your talent search is going. HR states that the average search is 30 days.
  • Name or ID of employee being replaced - If this position is to replace a former employee, have the correct spelling of their name and/or employee ID handy.
  • How are you paying for this position? All speedtype(s) are required.
    • If this is a new position you must send a separate email to your HRA stating how you intend to fund this position.
  • Position description - Have your position description ready to copy and paste.
  • How will the position be advertised?
  • Hiring manager - Who is taking the lead on this talent search?
  • List of collaborators - Anyone who will need to view candidate applications and resumes.

Once your position has been submitted, it is sometimes it is helpful to remind your director to complete the approval in HCM to begin the approval workflow. When the approval workflow is complete, the position will be posted in HCM for internal and external candidates to view.

After your position is posted, your HR recruiter will be in contact with you to assist in the recruitment and selection process. Some services provided by your recruiter include advertisement suggestions and placements, resume/phone screens, interview question development, benefits Q&As with the candidates, etc.

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