Two Weeks Before Arrival

Note: Human Resources will issue the employee ID the Thursday or Friday prior to Orientation, and the network IDon the day the employee attends Orientation. Some items listed below cannot be completed until the employee ID and network ID are received.

  1. Send a welcome note or give your new employee a call.
    Some things you might want them to know:
    • Your contact information
    • Exact directions to their new office
    • Agenda for their first day
  2. Send a welcome note out to the Division.
    Be sure to include information about their background and how you see their role in the Division.
  3. Prepare their office space
    • Make sure their office is clean
    • Office is equipped with basic office supplies
    • Office mailbox
    • Office nameplate
  4. Prepare their computer
    • Contact [U]Tech: 368.1959 or 
    • Let them know the arrival date of your new employee
    • Order new computer if needed, or request a reformat of an existing computer
    • Make a list of all websites your employee may need access to – [U]Tech can then help your new employee create a Favorites Bar allowing them quick access to links that will immediately help them  with their job. Example websites could include: HCM, Student Affairs Directory, Student Affairs website, and IT online services and links.
  5. Prepare their telephone
  6. Prepare their mobile phone (if needed)
  7. Prepare computer access (requires the new employee's Employee ID)
    • Fill out the New Staff form
    • For access to PeopleSoft Financials, T&E and HCM, contact Carol Tysh: 368.2022
    • Access to PeopleSoft will not be granted until CAPS Courses are completed 
  8. Appointments
    When the Division has several new employees, a breakfast is setup to meet Lou and the AVP's – this will be scheduled by your HRA.
  9. Request building access
    Send an email to stating the new employee's name and ID along with access hours.
  10. Request key access
    You must be authorized to request a key. Then the request must be approved by Dennis Rupert or Doreen Thibodeau. Make sure you have an employee network ID, building/office and key code. More information about key access > 
  11. Prepare agenda for first day
    Prepare a work agenda for the first day to get your new employee started on a project or task. To get your new employee off to a good start, you should plan on spending a good part of the day with them.
  12. Prepare an Orientation Folder
    Put together an orientation folder including:
    • Job description
    • Department / Division Org Chart
    • Department / Division Strategic Goals