First Week

Below is a list of items that will help your new employee get a sense of CWRU and where they work, who they are working with, and a better understanding of their position. This is offered as a helpful guide. 

  1. Office tour – may want to include a small gift in their new office (plant, coffee cup, picture frame with mission statement)
  2. Meet the staff – may want to have a light breakfast or lunch to bring everyone together and celebrate your new employee.
  3. Bathroom locations
  4. Kitchen and coffee supplies
  5. Staff mail – explain the mail system at CWRU, how they will receive mail, their current campus address and location codes.
  6. Office supplies
  7. Copier and scanner use
  8. Setup an appointment with Utech (368.1959) – computer use, computer access, email and calendar setup.  You should have filled out the New Staff Set Up Form – on the form you can choose a time for Utech to stop in and setup your new employee's computer.
  9. Review HCM
    • Make sure employee personal information is correct and completed in each tab, except for benefits.
    • How to track time: Go over general TRC codes. For the first month they must add a line for each day they work.
    • Make sure you can approve time, or call your HRA Carol Tysh to get it set up.
  10. Review when employees are expected to start and end their work day.
  11. Discuss process for calling in sick and requesting vacation, and ask if they have any questions about accruing this time.
  12. Discuss pay, overtime, importance of being on time and tracking their time in HCM.
  13. Review work attire and "Spirit" Fridays.
  14. Review lunch policies – does it need to be scheduled? How long they can take?
  15. Review PeopleSoft
    • Make sure they're correctly setup in PeopleSoft Financials.
    • Make sure they're signed up for T and E reimbursements.
    • If they'll be working in PeopleSoft, make sure they know where to find the training classes: 
  16. Show them how to set up their voicemail, the basic functions of the phone and how it should be answered.
  17. Contact [U]tech if a new employee needs a cellphone for work.
  18. Make new employee aware of the Onboarding Buddy program, and that they will be assigned a buddy within the first three weeks.
  19. Take your new employee on a tour of your building.
  20. Make sure new employee has met with a member of the PDC and received a 'new employee gift bag.
  21. Make sure new employee has a copy of: 
    • Roster and short overview of each department or go to the Student Affairs website.
    • Go to Student Affairs – Operations – Information Technology Website - You will find directories and organizational charts that may be helpful to your new employee – for contact information and understanding how our division is set up and operates.
  22. Review new employee job description.
  23. Discuss how the new employee fits into the department/division/university.
  24. Review first assignment with employee.
  25. Schedule a first meeting and feedback session.
  26. Setup a reoccurring meeting to make sure your new employee is on task and adjusting.
  27. Review customer service policy, and who your "'customers" are.
  28. Review any type of reports your new employee will be responsible for.
  29. Request they go into Orgsync show them how to go to the Division of Student Affairs/People. Pull up their name – ask if they can upload a picture and write a short bio.
  30. Review the CWRU Home page - Go to the top right corner where it says "Staff" - this page has so many helpful links. You may want to do an overview of this page with them.
  31. Make sure your new employee is signed up to receive The Daily.
  32. Acceptable Use of Computing and Information Technology resources – FAQ.
  33. Review University Emergency Procedures – ALICE Program, Safe Ride, Campus Police (368.3333)