Tips for Partners

  • Don't worry about being an "expert" If you can't answer a question then together find someone who can and then you both will know the answer.
  • Be patient. It takes time to develop a relationship and you don't have to cover everything on the first day, first week, or first month.
  • Be positive.
  • Don't try to force a relationship. Try to identify the new employee's personality and style of communication and work with it.
  • Don't be judgmental. Simply offer feedback.
  • Maintain a good attitude and a teaching spirit.

Become an On-boarding Partner

As an on-boarding partner, you will be one of the first contacts a new employee makes within student affairs. It can be a very important relationship, both for you and for incoming staff.

This program is coordinated by Carol Tysh, the Human Resources Administrator, as part of a talent retention intitative. If you are interested in becoming a partner, or would like to recommend someone who you think will make a great partner, contact Carol via email or by phone at 368.2022. Here is a recap of the on-boarding partner process.

Partner Responsibilities
  • Contacting the new employee with a welcome email to let them know who you are and what your purpose is.
  • Contact the new employee upon their arrival
  • Establish a rapport
  • Provide a campus tour, focusing on student affairs offices in particular
  • Make introductions
  • Answer general questions
  • Refer them to the Operations Group if they have specific question in any of their areas
  • Help socialize the new employee to the campus culture and history—check out the Little Blue Book
  • Take them to lunch time social events, help get them involved in the PDC, SAC, volunteering for The Late Night Breakfast, Relay for Life and other campus traditions
  • Show them the wonderful selection of places to eat in and around campus
  • Talk about the Wellness Program—you can even go to the Veale gym together!