Computer Hardware

The policy of the division is to centralize hardware purchasing through the IT Operations Group. A centralized purchasing scheme helps the division realize the following benefits:

  • Ensures that Student Affairs staff have access to appropriate up-to-date computing equipment
  • Ensures that equipment purchases are reviewed by IT staff
  • Consolidates purchasing into large orders to lower costs of acquisition and deployment
  • Maximizes value by working with preferred vendors
  • Reduces total cost of ownership by purchasing standardized configurations
  • Verifies that equipment helps meet university goals for green computing and energy savings
  • Allows IT staff to ensure equipment is ready to use by staff when they are installed
  • Centralizes recordkeeping for equipment which is used for planning and maintenance
  • Allows equipment to effectively repurposed to meet the needs of the entire division
  • Ensures that equipment is reused, recycled or disposed in accordance with university policies

The IT Operations Group maintains a comprehensive computer purchasing program for computer equipment. The group will coordinate the purchase, delivery, configuration, and setup of new systems, as well as the disposal of systems that are being replaced.

In accordance with university purchasing guidelines, printing equipment is primarily obtained through the cost-per-copy program. If an acceptable solution is not available though the program, then we select standard networked workgroup printers. The IT Operations Group will facilitate this process with the cost-per-copy service provider or other preferred vendors.

Other requests for computing and AV hardware including projectors, televisions, and cameras should also be handled through the IT group. Standardized equipment will be obtained through preferred vendors, and all equipment will be properly inventoried.

Preferred Vendors

The university has negotiated special purchasing contracts with select hardware vendors. Utilizing preferred vendors helps ensure that the university receives the maximum value for its purchasing dollar. These relationships also include special access to warranty and other services that assist IT staff in fixing problems and lowers the total cost of ownership of the equipment.

Purchases will be made with preferred vendors whenever possible. Quotes from alternate vendors will be solicited only when preferred vendors are unable to satisfy operational requirements for a purchase.

Last Updated: October 2, 2014